Sandy Pony Donuts -Amazingly Good!

Sandy Pony Donuts -Amazingly Good!

Let me cut to the chase… I Love Love Love Sandy Pony Donuts!

These made to order donuts were incredible!

Due to the recent events and subsequent mass closures, to say I was anxious to explore the local food scene was a bit of an understatement. However, with summer fast approaching and many restrictions being lifted, I was more than ready to venture out for some locally baked goodness.

“Sandy Pony Donuts is a must-stop for all donut aficionados!!”

What better way to start the weekend than with a fresh cup of joe and donuts, … specifically, donuts.

During this past winter, I had ventured to Chincoteague in hopes of trying Sandy Pony Donuts but was never successful with my timing. However, they were on my list!

After a much-anticipated wait for them to open for the season, I can honestly state it was worth the wait.

This is one cool donut truck!

Sandy Pony Donuts is a must-stop for all donut aficionados!!

A quick review of my Instagram account this past Saturday morning revealed I was in luck. Sandy Pony opens at 7am. It was 650am at the time so I figured why not make the 20-minute trek for these donuts I have heard so much about. Out the door, I went.

When I arrived, the only customers ahead of me were a couple of cyclists. Not sure how you carry donuts and coffee and ride a bike, but that probably speaks more about me than them. A few minutes later, I was up.

After a long stare at their incredible menu, I went for it. “Let me have a 1/2 dozen and a cup of coffee.” At the point, I still had no clue what I was about to order.

I continued to stare at the donut menu as I rambled off my order.I selected a Misty Thin (mint glaze & mini chocolate chips), Thin Mint (mint glaze & oreo), 2- Porky Pony ( glaze, cinnamon sugar & bacon), Charlie Brown (peanut butter glaze & mini chocolate chips) and a Big Pearl ( powdered sugar).

I have no idea why I selected the donuts that I did, since everything on the menu was amazing.

You can’t just order one donut. Just can’t!

Even after I placed my order, I continued to stare at the list of offerings. Less than 3 minutes had passed ( and still waiting for my initial order to be made) before I asked to add 6 additional donuts to my order. Sure I could have saved money by ordering a dozen right from the beginning, but I really didn’t anticipate being overcome with the impulse to order 12 donuts.

The second half dozen included a Glazed donut, Blueberry Pie (blueberry glaze, graham cracker & powdered sugar), Yabba Dabba Doo-Nut (glaze & Fruity Pebbles cereal), Surfer Dude (glaze, cinnamon sugar & mini chocolate chips), Sand Dune (cinnamon sugar), and finally, a Sea Foam ( glaze & coconut).

By the time I got to my car and took a few photos before leaving… just in case I decided to eat and drive… the crowds had already started to form. I believe the word is out on this place!

The ride home was a lesson in restraint. Since the sweet treats are custom made, they are piping-hot. I opened both boxes so there wouldn’t be too much steam to possibly mess them up. The smells that emanated … WOW!

To conclude this already long-winded rant about donuts… if you love donuts and are anywhere near Chincoteague Island or happen to be vacationing in the area you need to put Sandy Point Donuts on your foodie bucket list. You won’t be disappointed.

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