Market Street Inn-Salisbury MD|Review

Market Street Inn-Salisbury MD|Review

One of the benefits of working in the downtown Salisbury area is the number of great food places to choose from. Market Street Inn is situated just off the downtown plaza. It’s a “can’t miss” option for lunch and dinner.

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Market Street Inn is within walking distance…

I typically don’t eat out for lunch during the week. Today was an exception. When asked to join a friend for lunch, we decided to head to Market Street Inn. It’s within walking distance from my place of work and a nice break from my typical coffee and crackers lunch.

Today was a great day to get outside. With above-average temperatures and sunny skies, this is a great spot to enjoy the amazing weather. Even the ducks seated next to us would agree.

mallard ducks sitting on wooden deck

The Classic Cheeseburger was calling my name

We arrived for lunch at close to two o’clock. The server was very attentive and quickly got menus and drinks out to us. There were many several interesting choices on the lunch menu. I really wanted to go with the Classic Cheeseburger which is always very good here, I instead went with the Baby Romaine Cobb Salad.

Baby Romaine Cobb Salad

The salad was amazing

The salad came with Roma crunch lettuce, smoked bacon, tomatoes, chopped egg, generous amounts of avocado, and blue cheese crumble. While maybe not the beef burger and french fries I was thinking about, it was quite good.

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Just a fun place to go

Market Street Inn is just a fun place to go to whether you’re grabbing lunch with friends, looking for a cozy spot for dinner, or going out for the night to socialize and have a drink. This place is particularly nice when the weather warms up and patrons can enjoy the expansive outdoor seating.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have been to Market Street Inn, I encourage you to leave a comment below!

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