Sandy Pony Donuts -Amazingly Good!

Let me cut to the chase… I Love Love Love Sandy Pony Donuts!

These made to order donuts were incredible!

Due to the recent events and subsequent mass closures, to say I was anxious to explore the local food scene was a bit of an understatement. However, with summer fast approaching and many restrictions being lifted, I was more than ready to venture out for some locally baked goodness.

“Sandy Pony Donuts is a must-stop for all donut aficionados!!”

What better way to start the weekend than with a fresh cup of joe and donuts, … specifically, donuts.

During this past winter, I had ventured to Chincoteague in hopes of trying Sandy Pony Donuts but was never successful with my timing. However, they were on my list!

After a much-anticipated wait for them to open for the season, I can honestly state it was worth the wait.

This is one cool donut truck!

Sandy Pony Donuts is a must-stop for all donut aficionados!!

A quick review of my Instagram account this past Saturday morning revealed I was in luck. Sandy Pony opens at 7am. It was 650am at the time so I figured why not make the 20-minute trek for these donuts I have heard so much about. Out the door, I went.

When I arrived, the only customers ahead of me were a couple of cyclists. Not sure how you carry donuts and coffee and ride a bike, but that probably speaks more about me than them. A few minutes later, I was up.

After a long stare at their incredible menu, I went for it. “Let me have a 1/2 dozen and a cup of coffee.” At the point, I still had no clue what I was about to order.

I continued to stare at the donut menu as I rambled off my order.I selected a Misty Thin (mint glaze & mini chocolate chips), Thin Mint (mint glaze & oreo), 2- Porky Pony ( glaze, cinnamon sugar & bacon), Charlie Brown (peanut butter glaze & mini chocolate chips) and a Big Pearl ( powdered sugar).

I have no idea why I selected the donuts that I did, since everything on the menu was amazing.

You can’t just order one donut. Just can’t!

Even after I placed my order, I continued to stare at the list of offerings. Less than 3 minutes had passed ( and still waiting for my initial order to be made) before I asked to add 6 additional donuts to my order. Sure I could have saved money by ordering a dozen right from the beginning, but I really didn’t anticipate being overcome with the impulse to order 12 donuts.

The second half dozen included a Glazed donut, Blueberry Pie (blueberry glaze, graham cracker & powdered sugar), Yabba Dabba Doo-Nut (glaze & Fruity Pebbles cereal), Surfer Dude (glaze, cinnamon sugar & mini chocolate chips), Sand Dune (cinnamon sugar), and finally, a Sea Foam ( glaze & coconut).

By the time I got to my car and took a few photos before leaving… just in case I decided to eat and drive… the crowds had already started to form. I believe the word is out on this place!

The ride home was a lesson in restraint. Since the sweet treats are custom made, they are piping-hot. I opened both boxes so there wouldn’t be too much steam to possibly mess them up. The smells that emanated … WOW!

To conclude this already long-winded rant about donuts… if you love donuts and are anywhere near Chincoteague Island or happen to be vacationing in the area you need to put Sandy Point Donuts on your foodie bucket list. You won’t be disappointed.

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Looking for Dinner? Here’s a List of Delmarva Food Carryout Options

To help you find quality dining options during these trying times, we’ve compiled a list of Delmarva food carryout options. The COVID 19 pandemic fundamentally changed our lives overnight and placed a tremendous burden on everyone. One of our most basic needs, finding fresh food to eat, has been increasingly difficult.

This list includes bars and restaurants still serving customers in Cape Charles, Onancock, Chincoteague areas as well as Pocomoke, Salisbury and Ocean City and many other locations within the Delmarva region.

There is a variety of food and drink options being offered. We have provided the contact phone numbers for each as well as the address.

Some restaurants offer carryout only, while others are providing delivery services. DoorDash and GrubHub are also providing a valuable resource where available.

Since hours of service and offerings are often changing daily, it’s highly encouraged to call ahead before traveling to a location.

We’re constantly on the lookout for food providers to add to the list. Thanks again to those of you who’ve already reached out to us as we were putting this article together.

Looking for even more options? Head over to our main site for a complete list of Delmarva carryout food and drink options!

Have a restaurant or bar still open you’d like to suggest? Share with us by using this form. Thank you!

NamePhoneAddressCity State
28th St. Pit n PubCall for Specials!28th Street & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
32 Palm in the HiltonCall for Specials!32nd Street and OceanOcean CityMD
45th St. TaphouseCall for Specials!45th Street and Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
A Bagel AndCall for Specials!11304 Manklin Creek RdOcean PinesMD
Abbott's On Broad CreekCall for Specials!300 Delaware AveLaurelDE
Adam's Taphouse GrilleCall for Specials!219 N Fruitland BlvdFruitlandMD
Addie's All Star PizzeriaCall for Specials!817 Snow Hill Rd.SalisburyMD
Albertino's Call for Specials!131st St & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Atlantic StandCall for Specials!Wicomico St BoardwalkOcean CityMD
Backstreet GrillCall for Specials!401 Snow Hill RdSalisburyMD
Bad Monkey WestCall for Specials!12902 Ocean GatewayOcean CityMD
Bayside SkilletCall for Specials!77th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Bayview Grill in the Residence InnCall for Specials!61 StreetOcean CityMD
BJs on the WaterCall for Specials!75th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Black Diamond Catering and LodgeCall for Specials!219 N Fruitland BlvdSalisburyMD
BlueFishCall for Specials!94th St & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Boonies BurgersCall for Specials!21438 Nanticoke RdTyaskinMD
Brew River Restaurant & BarCall for Specials!502 W Main StSalisburyMD
Bull on the BeachCall for Specials!94th St & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Burley CafeCall for Specials!17 Jefferson StBerlinMD
Burley Oak BreweryCall for Specials!10016 Old Ocean City BlvdBerlinMD
Buster's Seafood GrillCall for Specials!1210 Nanticoke RdSalisburyMD
Buxy'sCall for Specials!28th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Cactus TavernaCall for Specials!2420 N Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Caesar's Pizza PalaceCall for Specials!12302 Somerset Ave,Princess AnneMD
Cake ArtCall for Specials!124 N Division StSalisburyMD
Caribbean FlavaCall for Specials!327 E Main StSalisburyMD
Carrabba'sCall for Specials!12728 Ocean GatewayOcean CityMD
Chinatown BuffetCall for Specials!2722 N SalisburySalisburyMD
Chuar Restaurant and BarCall for Specials!1306 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Coffee BeaneryCall for Specials!94th St & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Coral Reef Café in the Holiday InnCall for Specials!17th StreetOcean CityMD
Crab BagCall for Specials!130th St & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Crab Cake FactoryCall for Specials!12000 Coastal HwyOcean CityMD
Decatur DinerCall for Specials!9609 Stephen Decatur HighwayOcean CityMD
Dockside Bar and GrillCall for Specials!2 Riverside DrPocomoke CityMD
Domino'sCall for Specials!64th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Dough RollerCall for Specials!12849 Ocean GatewayOcean CityMD
Down UnderCall for Specials!5342 Snow Hill RdSnow HillMD
Dry Dock 28Call for Specials!28th Street and Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Dumser'sCall for Specials!49th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Dumser'sCall for Specials!123rd St & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
East Moon Japanese Steak HouseCall for Specials!800 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Evolution Craft Brewing Co.Call for Specials!201 E Vine StSalisburyMD
Fat Daddy'sCall for Specials!216 South Baltimore Ave.Ocean CityMD
Firehouse SubsCall for Specials!2412 B N Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Fratelli's Restaurant of SalisburyCall for Specials!925 Snow Hill RdSalisburyMD
Generals KitchenCall for Specials!66th St & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Grotto's PizzaCall for Specials!124th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Happy Jack Pancake HouseCall for Specials!26th St and Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Harpoon Hanna'sCall for Specials!146th St. & Rt. 54Ocean CityMD
Hemingway's in the Holiday InnCall for Specials!17th StreetOcean CityMD
HookedCall for Specials!82nd & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Hooked UpCall for Specials!38069 Town Center DrMillvilleDE
Hooter'sCall for Specials!12513 Ocean GatewayOcean CityMD
Hopper's tap houseCall for Specials!1400 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Horizon's Oceanfront Call for Specials!101st StOcean CityMD
IHOP - North SalisburyCall for Specials!2732 N Salisbury Blvd SalisburyMD
IHOP - South SalisburyCall for Specials!1309 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Irish PennyCall for Specials!1014 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Island Creamery SalisburyCall for Specials!306 Dogwood Dr,SalisburyMD
Johnny's PizzaCall for Specials!56th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Kellyn's KafeCall for Specials!748 E Main StSalisburyMD
Ledo Pizza - Nanticoke RoadCall for Specials!1210 Nanticoke RdSalisburyMD
Ledo Pizza - South Salisbury BlvdCall for Specials!736 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Liquid AssetsCall for Specials!92nd St. & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Liquid AssetsCall for Specials!9301 Coastal HwyOcean CityMD
Lombardi'sCall for Specials!92nd St. & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Market Street DeliCall for Specials!1206 Market StPocomoke CityMD
Market Street Inn Restaurant & PubCall for Specials!130 W Market StSalisburyMD
Marlin Moon in the DoubleTreeCall for Specials!33rd StreetOcean CityMD
MauriceCall for Specials!145 Market StOnancockMD
Mione's Pizza & ItalianCall for Specials!12741 Ocean GatewayOcean CityMD
Mione's PizzaCall for Specials!67th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Mogan's Oyster HouseCall for Specials!100 E Main StSalisburyMD
Mogan's Oyster HouseCall for Specials!100 E Main St,SalisburyMD
MojosCall for Specials!213 E Main StSalisburyMD
Mother's CantinaCall for Specials!28th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Nick's House of RibsCall for Specials!144th St. & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Nori Sushi Bar & GrillCall for Specials!114th St & Gold Coast MallOcean CityMD
OC WasabiCall for Specials!33rd & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Olde Towne Deli Cafe & CoffeehouseCall for Specials!120 N Division StSalisburyMD
Original Greene TurtleCall for Specials!116th St. & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Our HarvestCall for Specials!1106 Coastal HwyFenwick IslandDE
Outback Steakhouse in the OutletsCall for Specials!12741 Ocean GatewayOcean CityMD
Pablo's BowlsCall for Specials!17th St & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Pablo's BowlsCall for Specials!121st St & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Papa John's PizzaCall for Specials!2721 N Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Papa JohnsCall for Specials!33rd & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Pickles PubCall for Specials!706 Philadelphia Ave.Ocean CityMD
Pizza TugosCall for Specials!9935 Stephen Decatur HighwayOcean CityMD
Ponzetti'sCall for Specials!144th St. & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Ponzetti's Pizza & SubsCall for Specials!1053 N Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Real Raw OrganicsCall for Specials!34th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Red Door Sub ShopCall for Specials!800 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Reggae Soul CafeCall for Specials!800 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Ristorante AntipastiCall for Specials!33rd & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Roadie Joe's Bar and GrillCall for Specials!213 W Main StSalisburyMD
Ropewalk & Alley OopsCall for Specials!81st & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Rosenfeld's Jewish DeliCall for Specials!63rd & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Salisbury Pit & PubCall for Specials!1147 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
SeacretsCall for Specials!49th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Seaside DeliCall for Specials!72nd & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Sello'sCall for Specials!9802 Golf Course RoadOcean CityMD
Shenanigan's Irish PubCall for Specials!Fourth & BoardwalkOcean CityMD
Shotti'sCall for Specials!35th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Sobo's Wine BeerstroCall for Specials!1015 Eastern Shore Dr,SalisburyMD
Specific Gravity PizzeriaCall for Specials!105 E College AveSalisburyMD
ssateague DinerCall for Specials!9636 Stephen Decatur HighwayOcean CityMD
StarbucksCall for Specials!16th St. & Baltimore AvenueOcean CityMD
Sub RunnersCall for Specials!901 N Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Sushi de KanpaiCall for Specials!109 W Main StSalisburyMD
Taco BlissCall for Specials!119 W College AveSalisburyMD
Tall Tales BreweryCall for Specials!6929 Heron Grove CtParsonsburgMD
Taylor's BarbequeCall for Specials!720 E College AveSalisburyMD
Tequila MockingbirdCall for Specials!12720 Ocean GatewayOcean CityMD
Tequila MockingbirdCall for Specials!129th St. & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Texas RoadhouseCall for Specials!107 E Cedar LnFruitlandMD
The Blarney Stone PubCall for Specials!10 North StOnancockMD
The Corner GrillCall for Specials!917 Snow Hill RdSalisburyMD
The Deli at Pecan SquareCall for Specials!1210 Nanticoke RdSalisburyMD
The Greek Pita PlaceCall for Specials!800 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
The Mad Hatter CafeCall for Specials!W Main StSalisburyMD
Tim's Pizza & SubsCall for Specials!244 Tilghman RdSalisburyMD
Toast CaféCall for Specials!12744 Ocean GatewayOcean CityMD
Touch of ItalyCall for Specials!67th & Coastal HighwayOcean CityMD
Tropical Smoothie CafeCall for Specials!1305 S Salisbury BlvdSalisburyMD
Vittles Catering & Food TruckCall for Specials!24764 Ocean GatewayMardela Springs MD

Top 17 – Best Chicken Wings in Ocean City

When it comes to deciding the best chicken wings in Ocean City, the magic is in the sauce. An excellent wing sauce has just the right amount of kick, the correct amount sweetness, or sometimes a combination of each. The perfect wing itself should be meaty, deep-fried to a golden crisp so the skin stays strong so that juices flow once you bite into its tender interior.

The Original Greene Turtle

Allysa M “… and I really love this place. My go-to is the HOB wings and fries. When I’m at the beach, this is my place!”

J Snyder “If you love wings you have to try the Kinda Hot wings. Had a pleasant experience. Was with a large group and the service was awesome.”

D Raisin “those Thai chili wings … and those crab pretzels, whoa!”

Fager’s Island Restaurant and Bar

Stephanie R ” I really loved the swordfish. Amazing! “

Arie M “…was my first time there and really loved the drink selections. My wife and I split an order of fried chicken wings with Old Bay and we really enjoyed them.”

G Maholms “..decided to eat light and went with the chicken wings and crab dip. Great choice.”

Fish Tales

Rick D “… and the atmosphere was wonderful. We started the evening with a salad and we shared an order of chicken wings. They reminded us of the ones we used to get in PA.”

N Holden “… would highly recommend the fish tacos and chicken wings.”

Mother’s Cantina

Stacy G “We went with the taco platter as well as some chicken wings. It was really busy at the time, but the food was worth the wait.”

Leroy S “My son does not prefer Mexican food, so he went with the chicken wings. We will definitely go back our next time in town.”

Longboard Cafe

Joe H “Hands down, the best chicken wings in Ocean City!”

M Somers “I normally go for the Longboard Addiction Sauce wings. That sauce is unlike any wing sauce I’ve eaten before.”

Big Pecker’s

Mary C “Love the traditional bar atmosphere. The burgers, loaded skins, and chicken wings are second to none.”

J Hamilton “… and I decided to go with the chicken wings and onion rings. Good choice!”

Roy R “Love the ice-cold beer, great location, and of course, chicken wings.”

Harborside Bar & Grill

Leah M “The orange crushes are always good. Love the happy hour specials on the chicken wings and chicken quesadillas.”

CM Strong “Enjoy being right on the water… the steamers and chicken wings are the best.”


Gerry L “… the crab dip with soft pretzels and wings with hot sauce. All excellent!”

S Meadows “… the Jerk Chicken wings were great. I also enjoyed the fresh-made potato chips. Well done!”

Lucy F “Great happy hour offerings. The skewered shrimp and Jerk Chicken were a couple of our favorites.”

De Lazy Lizard

S Simione “We had the wings and they were very good. The chicken caesar wrap was also a keeper.”

Valorie R “Enjoyed the steak and cheese and an order of chicken wings. Also had a great waitress”

Ivan N “My wife’s Crabby Chicken Melt was very good. I really liked wings and fries.”

Shotti’s Point

Nigel A “I ordered the garlic parm chicken wings. My wife went with the Chicken Ceasar Wrap. Both were excellent.”

Cathy C “It was quite crowded when we arrived, however, the wait staff was very accomodating. I really enjoyed the crab flatbread and my son loved his chicken wings.”

Dead Freddies

Robert G “… and loved the Steak and Cake. My boys ordered the Old Bay and BBQ wings and thoroughly enjoyed them.”

Julian M “Everything was fantastic! Our table ordered 3 different kinds of wings and a couple bowls of cream of crab soup.”

Nelson A “Loved the outside seating. This place is busy but the service is great. Beer and wings are my go-to.”

M.R. Ducks

Will S “… had to try to the famous hot dogs. Very good and inexpensive. The wings are some of the best in OC!”

Missy V “Love the outdoor bar. One of my favorite bar spots. Have great deals on appetizers. The wings are pretty good.”

Trevar U “Love this location. Wings, beer and hot dogs. That says it all.”

Micky Fins

Vanessa M “Great atmosphere. Enjoy their happy hour. Good drinks, appetizers. Chicken pasta and wings are yummy.”

Rick O “Big fan of the soft crab sandwich. Really like the wings as well. Wish I could get here more often.”

S Bowden “I ordered the wedge salad and really enjoyed it. Tasted some of my husband’s wing and they were really tasty.”


Judy L “Enjoyed a few cocktails and some appetizers with my brother. The wings were spicy but I liked them.”

Victor V “Great place to watch a sunset. Ordered crab cakes and a salad. My friend ordered the mahi mahi. We also split an order of chicken wings. Everything was very good.”

Pickles Pub

Dave H “Fried pickles, beer and wings. Do I need to say anything more?”

Anna W “Like the laid back atmosphere. Drinks were good and thought the wings were excellent.”


Henrietta O “There’s a reason why this place is always packed. They’re awesome. While I normally order the Jerk Chicken, I went with the wings. Very good. Just love this place.”

J Hughes “Best bar in OC. Love the location and the tables in the water. Chicken tenders, wings, and nachos. Yes.”

Sam M “.. with the family. Some of us got the smoked tuna, the Jerk chicken and a pizza. All was very good.”

Coconuts Beach Bar and Grill

Chris M “.. for the drink specials and appetizers. Love the wings!”

Rachel M “The seating gets pretty tight in the afternoons with the great drink specials. Typically order frozen drinks and jerk chicken.”

Dustin K “Love the volleyball, wings, and drinks. Great spot.”

We miss your favorite wing spot?

Please help us out by sharing your top wing joint in the comments below! Check out our listings of other great places to eat in Ocean City.

Restaurants mentioned:

The Original Greene Turtle
Fager’s Island Restaurant and Bar
Fish Tales
Mother’s Cantina
Longboard Cafe
Big Pecker’s
Harborside Bar & Grill
De Lazy Lizard
Shotti’s Point
Dead Freddies Island Grill
M.R. Ducks Bar and Grill
Micky Fins Bar and Grill
Macky’s Bayside Bar & Grill
Pickles Pub – Ocean City
Seacrets Jamaica USA
Coconuts Beach Bar and Grill

Market Street Inn-Salisbury MD|Review

One of the benefits of working in the downtown Salisbury area is the number of great food places to choose from. Market Street Inn is situated just off the downtown plaza. It’s a “can’t miss” option for lunch and dinner.

Market Street Inn is within walking distance…

I typically don’t eat out for lunch during the week. Today was an exception. When asked to join a friend for lunch, we decided to head to Market Street Inn. It’s within walking distance from my place of work and a nice break from my typical coffee and crackers lunch.

Today was a great day to get outside. With above-average temperatures and sunny skies, this is a great spot to enjoy the amazing weather. Even the ducks seated next to us would agree.

The Classic Cheeseburger was calling my name

We arrived for lunch at close to two o’clock. The server was very attentive and quickly got menus and drinks out to us. There were many several interesting choices on the lunch menu. I really wanted to go with the Classic Cheeseburger which is always very good here, I instead went with the Baby Romaine Cobb Salad.

The salad was amazing

The salad came with Roma crunch lettuce, smoked bacon, tomatoes, chopped egg, generous amounts of avocado, and blue cheese crumble. While maybe not the beef burger and french fries I was thinking about, it was quite good.

Just a fun place to go

Market Street Inn is just a fun place to go to whether you’re grabbing lunch with friends, looking for a cozy spot for dinner, or going out for the night to socialize and have a drink. This place is particularly nice when the weather warms up and patrons can enjoy the expansive outdoor seating.

One last thing, in addition to my blog here, I’ve also started a directory site for Delmarva restaurants. It’s a site I’ve created for visitors to leave reviews and comments for bars and restaurants in our area.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have been to Market Street Inn, I encourage you to leave a comment below!

Rick H. – Publisher, of Delmarvalicious

Creator of Delmarva’s premier food and drink directory.

Be sure to check out our blog and the Delmarvalicious Instagram page!

Freelance writer and passionate photographer with a love for discovering great places eat and drink on the sunny side of Delaware, Maryland & Virginia.

How to make your own jerk seasoning

From slightly warm to atomic, authentic Caribbean jerk seasoning gets its kick from a typical blend of the following ingredients such as salt, peppers and chiles, thyme, cinnamon, garlic, and nutmeg. Learn how to make your own.

Uses for Jerk Seasonings

Jerk seasoning is primarily used on chicken and pork but is also commonly used in recipes where it is used with ingredients including tofu, seafood, beef, sausage, lamb, goat, and vegetables.

One of my favorite meals is Jamaican jerk dry rub chicken wings, served with grilled pineapple slices and red beans and rice.

There are a countless number of jerk seasonings on the market. All are amazingly good. It all comes down the personal preference.

I love spicy food and have tried everything from jerk paste, jerk seasoning marinade, and dry Carribean jerk seasoning.

What is the best seasoning to buy? If you’re looking for something quick and easy, I have tried McCormick jerk seasoning and jerk seasoning Walmart offers and they are actually pretty good.

Jerk Seasoning Recipe

Making your own seasoning is very easy to do. It requires a handful of ingredients and you can personalize them to get the right flavor you prefer. Most of the ingredients you may already have in your spice cabinet, but double-check the dates on your dried ingredients. Use fresh ingredients for the best results.

Here is my recipe. Yield is 1 cup.

You’ll need to have the following ingredients:

  • 2 teaspoon allspice
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • 6 teaspoons cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper
  • 4 teaspoons dried thyme
  • 4 teaspoons dried parsley
  • 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 4 teaspoons onion powder
  • 2 teaspoon paprika
  • 4 teaspoons sugar
  • 4 teaspoons salt

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Store remainder in an airtight container.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our other posts!

Rick H. – Publisher, of Delmarvalicious

Creator of Delmarva’s premier food and drink directory.

Be sure to check out our blog and the Delmarvalicious Instagram page!

Freelance writer and passionate photographer with a love for discovering great places eat and drink on the sunny side of Delaware, Maryland & Virginia.

Wawa To Release Snowbird Reserve Vanilla Porter

The Wawa Beer Tour hits its final stop this week in Florida to debut it’s latest craft beer offering Snowbird Reserve Vanilla Porter .

When I first saw this news I thought it was a joke. Wawa and craft beer? Surely, this can’t be. But after reading more on the topic, I apparently missed the news last year when they first started producing or partnering with Pennsylvania’s 2SP Brewing Company.

Read moreWawa To Release Snowbird Reserve Vanilla Porter

A Bagel And… Review

If you make or serve bread, sticky buns, muffins, bagels, apple turnovers, cookies .. ok, I love a bakery. I recently had the pleasure of stopping by A Bagel And located in Ocean Pines, MD yesterday morning and wanted to share the experience.

For my breakfast, I decided to go with egg and cheese served on a toasted Everything bagel. There are several choices of meats you can get to compliment this breakfast sandwich, but I decided to keep it simple. The freshly made bagel was toasted just right with a great crunch and taste.

As with most Everything bagels, the seasonings seemed to include the standard poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion flakes, garlic flakes. I really liked the pretzel salt, with the taste and texture sealing the deal.

Inside, A Bagel And … was spacious and clean. Since I hit the road pretty early that morning, the customers were just started filing in. The crowd quickly hit the coffee pots and bagels hit the toasters.

I tried to get a good photo of the large selection of bagels available, but my photos don’t quite do it justice. Next time in, I want to try their Salt bagels and Cinnamon Raisin bagels. The Garlic bagel sounds interesting, but not sure about eating one before going to work. May have to save that for the weekends.

Besides boasting an amazing breakfast menu, A Bagel And also has a full deli offering. While I won’t complain about a fancy, extravagant meal, I have to say soup and sandwiches are right in my wheelhouse. I noticed on the sign outside that chicken noodle soup and tomato soup were the soups of the day. With there still being a chill in the air, I will be hitting this special in the not so distant future.

To summarize, A Bagel And is a great way to start your day. If you’re in the Ocean Pines area and have never been here before, it is definitely worth the stop.

One last thing, in addition to my blog here, I’ve also started a directory site for Delmarva restaurants. It’s a site I’ve created for visitors to leave reviews and comments for bars and restaurants in our area.

I encourage you to leave a comment below and thanks for stopping by!

Rick H. – Publisher, of Delmarvalicious

Creator of Delmarva’s premier food and drink directory.

Be sure to check out our blog and the Delmarvalicious Instagram page!

Freelance writer and passionate photographer with a love for discovering great places eat and drink on the sunny side of Delaware, Maryland & Virginia.

Become a Grill Master in 7 Easy Steps

With the summer grilling season almost upon, now is the perfect time to polish up on your grill master skills. What if you are new to the world of barbecuing or want to take your talents to the next level? Fear not! We have you covered with 7 easy steps to become a grill master suitable for cooks of all levels of expertise. Get ready to enter the world of grilled foods.

Step 1 – Grill Masters tips on meats, eats, and tools

Grilling is for everyone and not just reserved for just burgers and ribs lovers. Anything you can eat you can grill! In general, chicken and beef are the most popular grilling food. However, a list of my favorites also includes seafood, especially shrimp and fish, lots of vegetables, such as potatoes and onions, zucchini, eggplant, and peppers. Fruits are amazing grilled as well. There’s really no limit to what you can grill.

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How to Start a Home-Based Cookie Business

Steps to Starting a Home-Based Cookie Business. Find out the laws in your state that govern food sales. Decide what types of cookies you want to make. Decide on a business name. Set up your business structure. Write a business and marketing plan. Apply for needed permits and licenses. Price your cookies. If you’re really serious about how to start a home-based cookie business…TheBalancesMb

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How To Start A Food Truck Business in 2020

Do You Want To Turn Your passion Of cooking Into your business? Also, do you want to know how to start a food truck business? If you hate your job or hate your current cooking position and want to take control of your career, then starting a food truck business is right for you. You can create the income you want, all while using your passion for cooking!

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